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Matchbox Goes Green with the Tesla Roadster

You read that right! A children’s toy stalwart has made the commitment to a green future. Mattel Inc announced that by 2030, their Matchbox cars will be completely made from recycled or sustainable materials.

The group has been using die-cast metal and plastics in their products for over 70 years but that recipe is set to evolve into recycled Zinc and recycled plastic.

CarbonNeutral Tesla Roadster Matchbox
Look out for these in store!

According to Mattel’s head of vehicles, Roberto Stanichi, the idea behind it is to educate future generations to be mindful of the environment. And the first model is set to be Tesla’s futuristic roadster. The roadster will be available from next year onwards and will be the company’s first certified CarbonNeutral product.

Tesla Roadster Matchbox
The roadster joins a host of other EV models

It’s interesting how we have gone fullcircle here and returned to the old days when Matchbox cars were sold in little cardboard boxes, fully biodegradable of course.

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Words by Matthew D’Souza, pictures courtesy of Mattel Press.

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