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LEGO’s new 2000 Piece ECTO-1 revealed.

Soon to be on the market, this 2000 piece LEGO ECTO-1 model is set to be one of the company’s most complex creations yet. The set combines retro aspects from the 80s flick with the new film, Ghostbusters: Afterlife to be released next year.

This is LEGO’s third crack at the ECTO-1 with the first one coming in 2014. However, the previous two sets only had about 500 pieces whereas this one is far more complex with just over 2,000 pieces. The famous movie car is based on a 1959 Cadillac Miller-Meteor hearse and was first debuted in the 80s cult classic film.

It certainly looks like a challenge!

The set includes a Remote Trap Vehicle from the upcoming film while also adding in some moving parts like the doors, wheels and antenna.

A rear shot of the LEGO ECTO-1
Plenty of moving parts here!

The latest ECTO-1 is set to add to LEGO’s already expansive adult-focused Ultimate Collector Series and will be ready for purchase later in the month. You can also have a deluxe Ghostbusters Firehouse set to complete your collection!

The LEGO ECTO-1 box
Expect it be priced around $200 USD

This isn’t the only retro inspired LEGO to be released recently, the company has also created one for Wonder Woman and Black Widow!

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Words by Matthew D’souza. Pictures sourced from LEGO Group Media.

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