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Legendary eyewear designer Larry Sands and Bugatti have joined forces to unveil the luxury brand’s first range of eyewear. Nine styles comprising of 37 statement pieces headline the launch.

The Hyperluxury Package that comes with piece 07 from the Bugatti Eyewear Collection
Piece 07 pictured above is the most exclusive, offered with the “Hyperluxury Package”

Available in different materials including palladium, 925 sterling silver, Macassar ebony and carbon fibre of course, the design language is unmistakably Bugatti. Called ‘Collection One’, the series was headlined by the expertise of Larry Sands so that is true to Ettore Bugatti’s vision, “if comparable, it is no longer a Bugatti.” For over 60 years, Larry Sands has created eyewear for some of the world’s most prestigious fashion houses and brands.

Dubbed "29", this piece from the Bugatti Eyewear collection is painted in Dark Blue and finished in 925 Sterling Silver
Number 29 features Dark Blue paint and 925 Sterling Silver

Taking over two years to complete the collection, the eyewear pushes the boundaries and norms of the industry. Each piece is made in Japan from the most expensive materials in the world. ‘Positive Vapor Deposition’ (PVD) is a process normally used in the production of Bugatti’s automobiles but this time it is used to create a strong “Diamond Like Coating’ on the glasses.

Number 11 from the Bugatti Eyewear collection features 925 Sterling Silver and embossed leather temples.
Number 11 features 925 Sterling Silver and embossed leather temples

The collection retails for between USD $1,295 and USD $15,000 and will be available here.

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Words by Matthew D’Souza, pictures courtesy of Bugatti Newsroom.

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