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Already in production and soon to be ready for delivery is the Lotus Emira GT4 with significantly improved performance. The first examples of this racecar will be delivered to owners later this year.

Front three quarters view of the Lotus Emira GT4 racecar in yellow
Emira represented an excellent starting point for Lotus

First deliveries will be to the UK, Europe, China, Australia and the USA. Homologated for competition in the GT4 classes as well as non-homologated and other specialist race series around the world. Develop came courtesy of Lotus and RML Group, adding several upgrades to the concept unveiled last year.

Rear three quarters view of the Lotus Emira GT4 racecar in yellow
Several upgrades have been added to make the Emira race ready

A 10% increase in power brings the figure up to 455bhp, a six speed sequential racing gearbox and optimised aerodynamics make this car a weapon on both twisty and fast circuits. The braking system, springs, damping and cooling have also been upgraded.

GT4 branded spoiler on the Lotus Emira GT4 racecar
The legendary Lotus motorsport DNA takes to the track once again

On display at the British GT Championship this weekend, the Emira GT4 represents 75 years of road and track development. Marking the beginning of a new era in GT racing for Lotus, this move extends the brand’s motorsport DNA to a new form.

Priced at 179,000 GBP, the Emira GT4 cars are hand built by the RML team at a dedicated facility in Wellingborough, UK. There is no production cap on the racecar but enquiries have to be made via the Lotus Motorsport Department through Russell Gibbons ‘[email protected]’.

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Words by Matthew D’Souza, pictures courtesy of Lotus Cars Media.

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