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Lamborghini have smashed their sales records

Ever since Lamborghini released the Urus over a year ago, it has been under huge scrutiny from car enthusiasts and journalists alike who just couldn’t face the idea of a Lamborghini SUV. While that’s entirely based on your opinion, what you cannot deny is how well the Urus has sold through this time.

The wealthy SUV buying audience seem to have taken to the Urus like a duck to water. Lamborghini recently released their sales figures for the first half of this year and guess what?! The Urus makes up nearly 60% of their sales! Lamborghini have sold 4,553 vehicles in the year to date which is a good number considering they are a niche performance/luxury brand. Just for comparison, they sold 2,327 cars during the same period last year. I’m no mathematician but that’s a huge increase in sales (96% to be exact).


Out of the 4,553 cars that Lambo have sold this year, they’ve sold 2,693 units of the Urus with most of the cars going to America. However, this means that sales of their supercars have gone down as they’ve only sold 1,860 of them compared to 2,327 last year. Though the CEO of the company wants to reassure Lambo ultras that 70% of Urus buyers are new to the Lambo family and so are likely to buy from the company again. With this, Lamborghini are on track to their best year ever.


Being a Lamborghini faithful ever since I was a little boy, I can certainly say that it isn’t the Lambo that adorns my bedroom wall but if the Urus is what the company needs to keep them afloat so they can keep delivering the crazy supercars that we know and love then so be it.



Words by Matthew D’souza. All pictures supplied by the Lamborghini Press Office

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