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A Lamborghini Police Car Covered 480km in Two Hours!

Yes, that is way over our 100 km/hr speed limit! The Italian Police officers who are allowed to use the Huracans are highly trained drivers as they demonstrated in this scenario.

The Italian Police were gifted a few Lamborghini Huracans for use in the field and one of those tasks is organ transportation. Where the front trunk normally is, the Police Huracan has a cooled compartment for carrying organs. It also comes kitted out with the usual stuff- sirens, lights, antennas etc.

The Lamborghini Huracan in a Police livery
Imagine seeing this fly past you at 230km/hr!

This particular Huracan made headlines because it completed the 483km Rome to Padua journey in two hours! That’s an average speed of more than 230km/hr! The Huracan is quite comfortable at this speed as it tops out past 300km/hr.

The Police confirmed that the transplant was successful at Gemelli University Hospital. If you’re wondering, the transplant was between two live patients so they could plan this whole operation ahead of time.

Check out the film below-

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Words by Matthew Dsouza, pictures sourced from Lamborghini Press.

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