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Jaguar to Become Fully Electric by 2025

It’s no secret that European emissions laws are strangling car makers and the internal combustion engine. As a petrolhead, I have long since come to terms that there will be a day in the near future when petrol cars will cease to exist.

As such, there’s always rumours going around about who’s going fully electric next. Cadillac and VW have already committed to the movement. Jaguar are next in line.

Jaguar I-Pace EV
Cars like the I-Pace will be the future of Jaguar

Their new CEO recently said that both Jaguar and Land Rover are due for a “shake-up” very soon with Jag turning fully electric. His new strategy termed “reimagine” will see Jag becoming electric by 2025. Whereas Land Rover will launch six new EVs in 2026.

The idea is to make Jaguar an emissions free brand by 2030 and Land Rover to become 60% emissions free in the same year. As always, there are downsides to strict timelines like this. Jaguar’s newly released XJ sedan has been canned after just 18 months in production.

A Jaguar I-Pace charging
Expect to see more Jags like this in future

The CEO then went on to say that Jaguar has no rival and that means it has a superior understanding of the needs of its future buyers. He also used some other marketing jargon.

Anyway, to help Jaguar achieve their goals, the company will also be investing heavily into Hydrogen fuel cell technology!

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Words by Matthew Dsouza, Pictures courtesy of Jaguar Land Rover Media Worldwide.

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