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The 2015 Honda CR-V 4WD Sport isn’t a testosterone filled, fire breathing muscle car but it is an all round family SUV. It’s safe and driver friendly for the city and for the school run but it is also capable enough to take to the snow fields or mountain bike tracks.

03_honda_cr-v_2015_reviewAt first glance the CR-V has a bold, chiseled new look. Its re-sculpted nose and two bar grill gives it increased kerb appeal especially when you add in chrome trim and 18” alloys. Under the bonnet is a 2.4 litre i-VTEC powertrain giving 222Nm of torque and 1500lbs of towing capacity – easily enough grunt to pull a jetski and trailer.

Slip inside and the Interior offers a mix of both robust functionality and comfort treats. Heated leather seats slots nicely under the leather steering wheel while the tactile dash is underlined by a wood effect trim. Cabin space is large enough to take four adults to the game or keep a family of five apart enough not to fight. Central to the dash is a 7” touch screen display which when off shows the night sky full of stars but when turned on is easy to navigate around and interact with.

honda-cr-v_100482733_lPush button start and I was off. The speed is progressive, no ‘off the line’ speed to speak of but it gets up in revs at a respectable enough pace. The 5 speed box is accessed via drive (which keeps the dash display green), Sport or Manual paddles and as expected gear changes are smooth. The ride is firm but not uncomfortable and although the CR-V does understeer (controllably) on fast cornering the VSA (vehicle safety assist) is there to keep you on the road.

15_cr_v_103-850x566Feeling slightly guilty driving between sport and manual it was time to turn all environmental, so I hit the big Econ fuel saver button which planted a green tree in centre of the dashboard display. As if that wasn’t enough, it also modifies the engine, transmission, aircon and cruise control efficiency plus plays with the regenerative braking system but surprisingly the CR-V doesn’t have an engine stop/start system.
Indicate left and the lanewatch cameras put the roadside image up on the touch screen, it is a safety feature but it was a little distracting (and doesn’t happen if you’re turning right). At night the Active cornering lights really do make a difference.

Space in the rear is 35 cubic feet enough to keep your gym gear or golf clubs safe from prying eyes but with the ‘Magic’ seats down it’s 70 Cubic feet, making plenty of room for those DIY necessities or for weekend chores.

2015_honda_cr-v_facelift_europe_03-850x448Speaking of the ‘magic seats’ they’re not really magic at all (much to the disappointment of my 4 year old), but they are handy. There’s ‘no smoke and mirrors’ it’s more like wires and pulleys. One touch (or tug) on the handles in the rear and the seats (either split or in full) automatically fold down, it does save time and effort when loading gear and completes the overall functionality of the CR-V.

I found the CR-V fitted nicely into my lifestyle, it’s robust enough to handle an on the go, young (ish) family. Be under no illusion, the CR-V is quite a magic SUV.

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