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The current generation FK8 Honda Civic Type R has been an interesting one because the brand haven’t let the car rest. They have constantly been finding ways to improve power delivery, cornering, aero to make a great all-round hot hatch.

Enter the 2023 Civic Type R, Honda are calling it their best-performing hot hatch ever!

Rear three quarter shot of the 2023 Honda Civic Type R
Aggressive aero still very much present!

It’s good to see that Honda have kept the triple exhaust, aggressive design language and big wing, although it has been subdued a little. Other changes include new headlights & taillights, larger intakes and Honda badging.

In typical Type R fashion, expect there to be plenty of red including the Brembo brake calipers! Spy photos of the car have been leaked before but this is the first insight Honda has given us so far. Just in time too as the car gets ready to hit the Nurburgring!

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Pictures courtesy of Honda Media Center.

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