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Psychic Civic – Honda Civic RS Sensing Review

Honda Civic Sensing review New Zealand

With the current Civic RS already having received a bold new look and brand new attitude, Honda ‘thought’ they’d make it a little bit psychic too. We went along to check out the new Civic RS ‘Sensing’ and somehow they knew we were coming. We took a look at the 10th, yes 10th generation Honda […]

Minute Made – Honda UK.

Well 69 seconds to be exact. Having recently been behind the wheel of the latest Honda Civic hatch and the new (and impressive) Civic Type-R, it seemed only right to visit the Swindon plant to see where and how they had been created. Call me a bit of a geek if you like, but I […]

Honda Civic Type-R – True XTC

It has be said (rather cruelly), that the best thing to come out of Swindon is the M4 (motorway). However, as I in fact hail from said city, (or is that sad city – I jest), this should be proof enough that this is not true. On top of this, we have the ‘Magic Roundabout’ […]