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My First look at the McLaren 720S – so good it should wear a cape.

McLaren’s Super Series never fails to bring about a sense of wonder, as in I wonder how they do that. Launched in 2014 with the 650S (Coupe/Spider)  and followed quickly thereafter with the 675LT, it’s a segment of McLaren that pushes boundaries and flexes their automotive might.

Today in NZ we witnessed the unveiling of the second-generation Super Series and specifically the 720S. In company (or series terms) the 720S may be an evolution however as far as the supercar itself goes, it’s most certainly a revolution.

Lighter, faster, smarter and more capable than the 650, it’s a car that not only looks the part (with its Carbon Fibre chassis, Monocage II structure, Proactive Chassis Control II, Double hinge dihedral doors and ultra clever use of aerodynamics) it IS the part. Did I fail to mention that its new 4L V8  twin-turbo engine produces 720PS, 770Nm and propels its handsome frame for 0-100 in 2.9s or up to 200kp/h in 7.8s?

From a cabin point of view, the 720S has gone to next level too. Taking its lead from the P1 it has carbon fibre upper body panels and wafer thin A, B and C pillars giving you near unhindered ‘jet fighter’ cockpit visibility. Fine leather and machined aluminium adorn the interior while the instrument cluster retracts away when you’re in the mood to attack the track.

But don’t think for one moment that McLaren have lost their sense of humour either, they have added in a 14 stage variable drift control button for those days when you have just GOT to get the 720S’s tail to come around to meet you.

The McLaren 720S Super Series super car is so super that Clark Kent would prefer this to flying!

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