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With 2030 now less than 6 years away, Volvo are ramping things up as they prepare to become a fully electric car manufacturer by the decade’s end. The first of these changes comes in the form of renaming the brand’s existing XC40 Recharge & C40 Recharge cars, these are now called the EX40 and EC40 respectively.

EC40 badging on the rear of the newly renamed Volvo C40 Recharge.
Note the new ‘EC’ badging on the rear of the formerly named C40 Recharge

‘E’ is very much the name of the game for Volvo’s new nomenclature and the newly renamed EX40 and EC40 will join a family that includes the EX30, EX90 and EM90. The XC40 will remain for petrol and hybrid variants of the model though but the Recharge sub-brand is officially dead., PHEV cars will also revert simply to T6,T8 etc. In the year gone by (2023), EVs represented 16% of Volvo’s sales, a number that was 70% higher than sales figures from the previous year.

The Swedish brand have three EVs lined up for this year which will see the brand’s EV offerings raised to five, EX30, EX90 and EM90 are all on the way. You can see why Volvo made the move to rename its existing EVs, making it far easier for customers both old and new!

Rear view photo of a Volvo EC40 Black Edition (left) next to an EC40 Black Edition (right).
EC40, EX40 and XC40 have all received Black Edition variants

The changes don’t stop there however! All-new Performance software packs are now available for the EX40 and EX40 Twin Motor variants, this adds 25kW and a unique pedal mapping. Total output in the ‘Performance’ drive mode is upped to 325kW. Upgrades for the EX40, EC40 and XC40 continue as the brand are launching Black Editions for each model. This includes Onyx Black paint, gloss black badges, 20-inch five spoke gloss black wheels and either microtech or charcoal textile interiors!

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Words by Matthew D’Souza, pictures courtesy of Media Volvo Cars.

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