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The effects of COVID on the car industry continue as Elon Musk recently announced that production of the company’s Roadster will only begin in 2023. And yes, you can fully blame the pandemic along with all of its flow on effects.

The Roadster initially faced some delay due to development of its unique tri-motor powertrain and advanced battery tech. Musk also reiterated that CyberTruck production would also be postponed with the earlier expectations set for late next year.

Moving shot of the Tesla Roadster
Production of the Roadster and CyberTruck have been postponed

Musk remains optimistic that the pandemic related supply shortages will become old news by the time 2023 rolls around. Now that Tesla’s Gigafactory is ready, the brand were all set to begin building the Roadster but like most manufacturers, the delays keep pushing progress to a later date.

The Tesla Roadster is set to be priced at $250,000 USD for the 1,000 limited run Founders Edition models, while buyers following the initial numbers can expect a price of $200,000 USD. The brand’s current lineup is also facing supply related setbacks with the Model 3 being especially affected.

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Pictures courtesy of Tesla Media Gallery.
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