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Renault Group and Airbus, two giants in their respective industries have entered a research and development agreement today! The goal is for both companies to improve their electrification journey through collaboration with Airbus in particular looking at creating a hybrid electric aircraft.

Airbus and Renault Group logos side by side on a white background.
Both the aviation and automotive industries have net zero emission goals for 2050!

Research teams from the two companies will place a particular focus on energy storage for electric vehicles, still a major roadblock in the development of long range EVs. An overarching goal of this project is to migrate battery tech from Lithium-ion to solid state, a move that could double energy storage in batteries before the end of this decade.

Lastly, the two companies are also looking at the lifecycle of batteries and how to prioritize their recyclability while reducing the carbon footprint.

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Words by Matthew D’Souza, pictures courtesy of Renault Group Media.

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