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Polestar have been teasing their Precept concept for some time now but their most recent film shows the future model in far more detail than ever before. Previewed in the company’s docuseries ‘Precept: From Concept to Car‘, the brand released a more accurate picture of the ‘5’. The Polestar 5 is set to be the production translation of the Precept, a 4-door GT set to be launched in 2024.

Watch the latest episode here

Polestar is doing the Precept documentary to give the world a proper behind the scenes look at the development that has gone into the 5. Ensuring complete transparency from the brand’s side, something that is a big part of Polestar’s values. The future model takes inspiration from the muscular design of the ‘3’, set to be released next year along with incorporating the sustainable lens that Polestar prides themselves on.

More about the Precept/5’s technology, performance and sustainability will be discussed in episodes to come so stay tuned to their YouTube channel!

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Words by Matthew D’Souza, pictures courtesy of Polestar Press.

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