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Opel has announced that they are changing the format of their owner’s manuals from paper to digital. Starting immediately, new Opel cars like the Mokka, Grandland and Astra as well as their electrified variants will feature a detailed digital owner’s manual. However for legalities sake, the cars will also come with a concise ‘Quick Guide’ rather than the large textbook that most cars feature!

A front three quarters view of a Matcha Green and Black Opel Mokka
Astra, Mokka and Grandland will all move to this model immediately

This quick guide will also include a QR code that takes users directly to the full digital version of their car’s owner’s manual. Aiming to be a fully electric brand by 2028, Opel’s responsibility to conserving all resources relating to the cars also extends to the owner’s manuals. Termed “greenovation” by the brains at Opel, the new digital format manuals will save paper and raw material.

A view of two brand new Opel Astras, one in blue and one in red
New Astra will also include help videos built into the infotainment screen!

The manual currently found in Opels is made of environmentally friendly materials but this new shift will see the brand go from 500 page booklets to just 100 pages per car. That is a significant conservation of raw materials once multiplied across the range! To find the full length manual, owner’s can either scan the QR code found in their ‘Quick Guide’ or manuals are soon to be included on the ‘myOpel‘ app as well. Additionally, the new Astra comes with short informative videos built into the infotainment system for more help! Lastly, there’s also that little matter of more glove box space because of this move!

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Words by Matthew D’Souza, pictures courtesy of Stellantis Media and Opel.

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