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A shot of Mokka, no ICE – Opel Mokka-E review

I find it very interesting to see the shift in consumer behaviour moving to crossover SUVs when in many instances, they are almost the same offering as the hatchbacks they are replacing. So having the opportunity to try out another model of this very hot segment, I jumped right onto it: thanks to Opel NZ, […]

Plug-In Now for a Double EV Rebate

Opel Mokka-e review NZ

The EV price wars are well and truly on. In a groundbreaking move that is bound to attract eco-conscious Kiwi drivers, Opel New Zealand has announced its decision to double the Clean Car Rebate for buyers of new Opel Mokka-e electric vehicles (EVs). The German automaker is offering an astounding $17,250 discount, making the purchase […]