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Lexus to Unveil First Bespoke EV on April 20th

Set to be unveiled on the 20th of April, Lexus‘ RZ450e will be the the brand’s first EV (electric vehicle), designed from the ground up to fit the purpose. Based on Toyota’s new e-TNGA platform, the RZ is similar in size to the brand’s NX crossover but with an electric spin on things.

Sitting lower to the ground, the new RZ will include some fresh design elements from Lexus including a slim rear light bar and a steering yoke along with other bits to support the “sporty appeal” of the brand.

Interior of the new Lexus RZ EV
Notice the new design elements on the interior of the RZ

Lexus’ Direct4 four wheel drive technology has been optimised for an electric powertrain with instant torque going to all wheels. Additionally, the system has been adapted to incorporate some lightning fast power delivery shifts to adapt to changing conditions where needed. The idea is that we will see this layout used in all of Lexus’ future EVs meaning that they will all have two motors as well.

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Pictures courtesy of Lexus Media Global, words by Matthew D’Souza.

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