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In May this year, Bugatti and IXO announced that they would be joining forces to create a state of the art pool table. As part of the Bugatti Lifestyle Collection, the pool table would be made of materials like carbon fibre, aluminium, titanium and leather!

01 of 30 Bugatti IXO pool table
Only 30 of these pool tables will be made with 01 going to America

The first table is headed to a buyer in the US but before it could leave IXO’s home in Spain, they had to take some photos. A Bugatti Divo served as the inspiration for the table and the backdrop used was the old Ciudade da Cultura Galicia in Santiago de Compostela, Spain.

The exotic pool table will be delivered to its owner along with some complimentary items. These include a carbon fibre wall mounted cue support, a touch screen to track scores plus control the lamp and table. The pool cues themselves are made out of carbon fibre and feature anodized aluminium tips just like the buttons of a Chiron.

Carbon fibre Bugatti IXO pool table
Just look at the carbon fibre detailing!

It is a Bugatti table after all so customers can choose their colour combinations, leather and carbon usage etc. The idea is to turn this table into an artistic expression of your personality.

We know Bugatti as a company that only works with the finest there is and that is IXO. They are experts in crafting carbon fibre and their attention to detail is second to none hence the partnership between the two luxury brands.

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Words by Matthew D’Souza, pictures courtesy of Bugatti Media.

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