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BMW and Mini to Offer More Vegan Options

Yes, BMW and Mini will offer more vegan options in 2023 and no, they are not opening a restaurant chain! Instead, the two brands will give buyers the opportunity to order their cars with entirely vegan interiors. The brand has seen the demand for such materials increase in recent years and has decided to address the requests with a range of innovative materials.

A range of materials being used by the BMW Mini Group for the interiors of their cars in 2023
Feast your eyes on this assortment of materials

Incorporating these vegan materials helps with drastically reducing the carbon emissions created from producing car interiors. A newly developed grain effect material for steering wheels in particular deserves the praise here. Otherwise, the new interiors will be made with a waxy gelatine substance, lanolin, tallow and beeswax will also be seen as options.

The BMW Group are also collaborating with smaller firms for the research and development of sustainable leather alternatives. A frontrunner so far is Mirum which is petroleum free and 100% organic!

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Words by Matthew D’Souza, pictures courtesy of BMW Press Club Global.

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