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Outdoor Etiquette – Bentley Bentayga

Bentley Bentayga Review New Zealand

Should one deem it necessary to venture out from one’s luxurious homestead it would only be proper to do it with more than just a modicum of class. Bentley have helped societies upper echelon explore the outside world by introducing the Bentayga, a vehicle that will tempt the most ardent homebody out to the town, city, the country and even beyond in as painless a way as physically possible.

In true Bentley tradition; don’t think for one minute you’ll be missing any of your creature comforts or dropping any standards – Here is a list of reasons why.

One’s image needs to be protected from the outset, therefore the first thing that the public will see (the vehicle itself) needs to be instantly recognizable – Bentley have you covered.  From the Bentley moniker and attention grabbling grille and twin headlamps the front three quarters are unmistakable – especially when you add in flying B’s down the side. Its tail feather hasn’t been forgotten either; Bentley B taillights complete the image from any way you approach.

The colour must of course match your own personal terrain and again the Bentayga has more than delivered in this area. I had a quick look at the website and the range of colours (from Blacks and Blues to Oranges and whites) would embarrass a rainbow. We had a stately silver one and I have to say it’s a colour that really accentuates the Bentayga’s muscular lines. The wheels range from 20-22” with an all terrain option if required (we had the 21”Five twin spoke), one can’t leave the homestead in any old shoes. Like the perfect suit, with 15 different hide colours (plus three duo tone splits) the interior is more than simply personalized, it can accentuate your attitude to life.

That home from home feeling is there the moment you open the soft close doors. The deep musky aroma of high quality leather comes out to greet you – and remains on your clothes for hours after. It’s an incredibly comforting scent. With its seemingly endless settings, the Driver’s seat can be easily manipulated to mimic your favorite chair and then set to forever remember.

Your home is most definitely your castle, with the door closed you rule your domain, interaction from the outside is at your behest and control – so why not in your SUV? Should you wish to block out the outside world – with its heated and acoustic IR front screen and acoustic side windows – you are now in your own double glazed cocoon of lavishness. In fact for us; with the windows up talking sounded like shouting – it’s a librarians dream! It has a panoramic tilt/slide roof too – should you want to watch the stars at night.

The interior has all the refinements you’d hope and want in a brand such as Bentley and yet since it is a very accomplished SUV it has the ability to take you across (probably) any terrain you could throw at it – and all at the turn of a hand finished dial. You can chose from the normal Bentley drive modes that you are undoubtedly already familiar with but you can also dial up terrains such as sand, rocks and snow. Behind the switch; The Bentayga features the first 48V electronic Active Roll Control in any car, which gives you exceptional response times. As the vehicle goes into a corner, the system automatically minimises body roll but (for the attention getters out there) will still let the tyres squeal in delight. The Active Roll Control delivers automatic individual wheel control over bumpy surfaces to improve ride comfort. Improved body control and chassis response make handling easier giving you added confidence in any on-road conditions. Off-road, Bentley Dynamic Ride increases axle articulation for improved grip and greater comfort levels.

Inside and out the craftsmanship oozes opulence and quality. The veneer options are countless (as you would expect) and the technology behind nigh on every switch is impressive and yet there is still the utmost need and desire by Bentley to ensure that the heritage and history of the brand prevails – Organ-Stop ventilation controls, handmade bezels around dials and rollers, to highlight just a few. And then you get to the engine.

The Bentley Bentayga has a 6 Litre W12 Twin turbo TSI (with variable displacement) hand built brute that to all intents and purposes should roar like a lion and yet purrs like a domestic feline being ‘chin tickled’. It offers up enough power (447kW’s) and torque (900Nm) to conquer the Serengeti and despite being all aluminium and high tensile steel (and lighter than its Sedan counterpart), it still carries the weight of a large mammal (there is a lot of things going on with this vehicle). However, that being said, don’t think for one moment that it’s sluggish – should you find yourself in this position; this large SUV will (almost) outsprint a cheetah with its 0-100km time being 4.1 seconds. The power is vicious when needed.

But it’s not all speed, power, luxury and refinement (well it almost is), there are times when you really do want to interact with nature. Should you wish to take time out, relax and enjoy the world that you have venture out to meet, it seems only fitting that you should again do this with a sense of poise and grand demeanor. There is simply no need to drop and tailgate and ‘slum’ it. The Bentayga has a seat that slides out from the rear luggage department, it’s a special place for you to sip champagne and watch the sun go down on over the horizon – marvelous.

Owning a Bentley Bentayga is like having a ViP box at the game – you get the thrill of live action but catered for hand and foot. It’s Glamping or at least seeing watching the exotic animals of the safari go past while you sip tea on the terrace. It’s the champagne tent at the races; the penthouse suite in the city as you people watch but saying all that it will more than happily tear through the muddy ruts of the countryside.

It’s the best of both worlds – a head of state in the city and a luxurious respite when you choose to escape – However in a Bentayga it’s all done without losing that stiff upper lip that makes you – the classy you!

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