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Kids to the test drive? Yeah-nah.

Kids in car

Let’s go test drive a new car. It’ll be great. Bring the kids… umm… bring the what now? Ever tried to have an adult conversation with a brace of toddlers in tow? Depending on their age, you can either growl at your offspring to disappear, bribe them with sugar or wave goodbye to the conversation […]

Mild and wild – 2021 Skoda Octavia review

2021 Skoda Octavia NZ

Several weeks ago we attended the NZ launch of the new 4th Generation Skoda Octavia where we were told that it was bigger, faster and simply ‘clevererer’ than ever – well now thanks to Skoda NZ, we got to test that out. The Shhhkoda brand (said in a Connery accent) has come a long way […]

Audi RS e-tron GT – first drive

Audi RS e-tron GT review NZ

‘Vorsprung Durch Technik’ has been car maker Audi’s tagline for, well forever (okay 1971). It was first released to emphasise how advanced the NSU Ro 80 was, but as we take our first NZ look (and drive) of the all new Audi e-tron RS GT. Its ‘Progress through Technology’ meaning has arguably never been truer.    […]

Sports and Recreation – 2021 Audi SQ5 Sportback review

2021 Audi SQ5 Sportback review NZ

For many people, sports and recreation go hand in hand. Consider things like gyms, fun runs and social team sports, activities that combine fitness, pleasure and a release from the norm, and to me, that feeling is encapsulated in the new Audi SQ5 Sportback. For (as we found out in our NZ review), not only […]

Out of Focus – Ford Focus RS

Ford Focus RS review New Zealand Being a child of the 60’s has meant that many of my formative years crossed over the 70’s/80’s period, these (of course) are in my opinion some of the most incredible of decades. There were amazing advancements in the world in terms of technology, transport, TV, music and fashion […]

Late – Honda Civic

Honda Civic review New Zealand I’m really not big on being late (or having to wait for that matter). I was brought up respecting other people’s time and in turn, mine. I generally arrive early or worst case on time; for both personal and business appointments especially when it’s something I really want to do. […]

Red is the new Black – Holden Commodore Black

Holden Commodore Black review New Zealand As a nation, it could be said that New Zealand has a borderline obsession with Black. It features on our national teams, (Sticks, Ferns, Tall, Sox, All and Caps to name but a few). It is the go to colour of clothing. There’s Black water rafting, Black Shag (Bird), […]

Urban Assault Vehicle – Pajero Sport VRX

Pajero Sport VRX review New Zealand In the 1981 movie Stripes; screen comedy legend Bill Murray plays a down and out cabbie character John Winger that enlists to the US Army. He joins a team of other misfits and go through basic training (if you haven’t seen it before I urge you to download it […]

One man in a car park – Yamaha MT-03

Yamaha MT-03 review New Zealand There is something very cool about having a motorbike in your garage. For me it’s part of my childhood dream of having the car the bike and the boat. So when Yamaha began helping me on my journey of getting a bike licence it was obviously quite the thrill. In […]

Spot on – Lexus GS-F

Lexus GS-F review New Zealand On the mark, right on, on the mark, on the button, there are loads of terms that mean the same thing, basically when something is right or correct in my opinion it’s spot on. I have a small family, we’re pretty much middle of the road in financial terms (actually […]