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The Alfa 4C Gets A Special Stradale Send-Off

First launched in 2013, the Alfa Romeo 4C was a rare thing. Yes, the car itself didn’t sell too well but the idea itself was even more scarce. The 4C was a sportscar just for the sake of it. Yes, it did not serve any other purpose, it wasn’t comfortable or practical or anything else. It was just fun!

I was lucky enough to attend the Alfa Romeo Owners Club Christmas BBQ over the weekend where a 4C owner took me for a drive in what I can only describe as one of the best sportscars ever. It has a tiny 1750cc turbocharged engine but the acceleration is just stellar!

The Alfa 4C Spider Tributo 33
Pretty from any angle

To give it a good send-off in North America, Alfa has created a 33 unit limited edition car honouring the iconic Tipo 33 Stradale. These 33 Spiders will be finished in a special Rosso Villa d’Estem colour,a stunning shade complimented by dark gold wheels.

The cars will come with a special commemorative plaque on the dash along with the owners getting a book from Alfa’s Centro Stile. The power itself is no different with the 1750cc engine still putting out 176kW and 349Nm. Remember that the car weighs less than 900 kgs, hence the savage acceleration.

The observant ones amongst you would have already noticed the major performance upgrade and that is the twin central exhaust, the normal 4C has one on each end. This is an Akrapovic system so no doubt it would make an already loud car, pop and crackle even more!

The 33 commemorative plaque
The special plaque

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Words by Matthew Dsouza, photos courtesy of FCA Press.

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