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Sorento Perfecto: Kia Sorento Premium AWD PHEV Review

The current Kia Sorento is leaps and bounds ahead of the previous generation. For the first time, the term ‘Premium’ could be mentioned in the same sentence as Sorento. That’s not saying the previous car wasn’t much chop, it just couldn’t really fly that premium flag despite Kia’s best efforts. Today, things couldn’t be more […]

BMW’s Extensive CO2 reduction targets set for the future

World EV day

In addition to its aggressive product rollout and vehicle roadmap of the future, the BMW Group is redoubling its already extensive efforts in the area of sustainability. A core aim is to dramatically reduce vehicle utilisation CO2 emissions, which account for 70 per cent of the BMW Group’s CO2 footprint. By 2030, the CO2 emissions […]

Sustainability at the heart of BMW iX3, iX and i4 production

BMW iX3, iX and i4

Production of the new BMW iX3, iX and i4 incorporates a high level of sustainabilitymeasures. The amount of the raw material cobalt used in the high-voltage 80kWh battery of the iX3 has been reduced by around a third compared with the previous-generation battery in the BMW i3. BMW Group adopted its own procurement process for […]

BMW celebrates World EV Day as its electromobility strategy kicks into top gear

BMW World EV day

BMW Group New Zealand is today celebrating World EV Day by reaffirming itscommitment to electromobility and the extensive sustainable practices that underpin its global business operation. The rollout of new electric vehicles is an integral element of its plans, with three all-new models set to launch in New Zealand between Q4, 2021 and Q1, 2022.By […]