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Pains at the Pump- Petrol Prices Set to Increase Again

Recently, the government dealt another blow to the car enthusiasts of New Zealand as the fuel tax was increased for the second time. This new tax will add 35 cents per litre to the price of fuel. At a time when fuel prices are already at a high with 91 RON at $2.28 with diesel priced at $1.68, this makes for very grim reading as an NZ based petrolhead. The new hike comes in place on the 1st of July.

However, that’s not all. The road user charges (RUC) which is a tax that owners of diesel cars and light vehicles pay, the price of which is also set to increase by 5-6%. This is something that could impact parcel delivery services and trucking companies.


The government says that these taxes are going towards improving public transport and roads. The first fuel tax came at a similar time last year where fuel prices were already at an all time high and the tax was the last thing that kiwi motorists needed.


So, NZ petrolheads. Make sure you fill up your cars and go do as many burnouts and track days as possible before the price hike comes into effect on the 1st of July.


Thanks for reading! Hopefully this will our kiwi readers plan for the fuel price hike.

Words by Matthew D’souza. 

Title picture credit-  Markus Spiske from Pexels

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