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Latvia isn’t the first country that comes to mind when you think of automotive powerhouses and rightly so. The country doesn’t really have a car manufacturing industry apart from Dartz who are behind this monstrous creation and few other beastly machines.

Meet the Dartz Prombron Black Stallion, the name is not inspired by a strong racehorse but instead comes from the name of a military helicopter made by Sikorsky. The Latvian company is no stranger to headlines as they previously sold a Prombron Monaco Red Diamond edition which had bejeweled gauges and an interior made from the leather of whale penises. It sold for over $2 million!

Above: The Dartz Black Stallion. A very fierce looking Hummer H2
Above: The Dartz Black Stallion

Though the Black Stallion doesn’t come with diamonds or exotic leather, this car is more suited to a dictator or someone along those lines. This model has been made for an unknown upcoming movie. It sits on the chasis of a Hummer H2 and is powered by the standard V8. Though as an optional extra, you could have the supercharged V8 from a Dodge Challenger Hellcat. In most cases optional extras are just overpriced upgrades but in this scenario, that’s an option worth having. The Stallion is made from a carbon and kevlar compound which is supposed to be incredibly light but strong though the Stallion weighs 500kg more than a standard Hummer H2.

Only one example has been built so far to be used in a film but Dartz is open to building more if their customers demand so. The company’s execs have quoted a figure of around USD $520,000 which is a considerable amount of money to pay for a Hummer with an apocalyptic body kit.

Would you want a Prombron Black Stallion?

Above: The Dartz logo, a skull and crossed swords or something of the like.
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