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Riding the Niue Wave – Pt. 2

This post picks up from where we left off in my previous story from Niue and, if you haven’t read it yet, you can find it here.  We kicked off day 5 with by revisiting of the beaches we had been to before: Hio Beach. The other time, however, we only had lunch at the […]

Riding the Niue Wave – Pt. 1

Summers in New Zealand can be full of fun, exploring and great times, but I’m not the biggest fan of the cold and wet Auckland winters. So, after some considerable time without a proper holiday, I jumped at the opportunity of spending a week in Niue to get away from all that. I never thought […]

Cheaper by the half dozen – South Island road trip

It had been a hot minute since my last road trip through the South Island, and we were already missing the expansive vistas, the beautiful lakes and the great food. So this holiday break called for another trip, but this time around the brief was a bit different – given I had both my parents […]

Welcome to Hotels California – such a lovely place

Having spent a fair amount of time in California in the past (yes it’s true I’ve been to Disneyland nine times), when Range Rover New Zealand asked if I’d be keen to head to San Francisco to drive their all-new Rangie, I almost bit their hand off – but also saved some appetite for Fisherman’s […]

MIQ lottery not as good as Lotto


Every week thousands of Kiwi’s grab a Lotto ticket dreaming of winning ‘life changing’ millions. Sure it costs a few bucks to enter the draw and the chances of winning are miniscule but the ‘hope’ it provides is actually quite joyful. Yesterday, the Government launched their MIQ lottery, just like Lotto it has the ability […]