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5 kids in a white Jeep

Let’s go test drive a new car. It’ll be great. Bring the kids… umm… bring the what now?

Ever tried to have an adult conversation with a brace of toddlers in tow? Depending on their age, you can either growl at your offspring to disappear, bribe them with sugar or wave goodbye to the conversation you wanted to have. If you’re in a place like car dealership, you’re playing Russian Roulette if you send the little monsters off to find shiny surfaces to draw on. No – just me then? Bit awkward to cast shade on my parenting like that but here we are. Ahem.

Car Showroom – The Most Boring Place in the World for a Child

Imagine being 3 years old and you’re surrounded by expensive things your parents don’t want you to touch. Then add to the mix that your mum and dad are talking boring things with a stranger in a suit and have no time for you. Let’s be fair, showrooms are adult playgrounds and all things average to a kid. Do you know what happens when kids get bored? Bad things. They have vivid imaginations and zero concept of consequences.

Kids in car
I mean, you just know you can’t let those two loose in a showroom. That girl’s got some ideas already!

But what if…

What if there was, oh I don’t know, a bouncy castle, food, drawing station and Peppa Pig on the TV? What if you could glue googly eyes on colourful little pom-poms? Balloons! What if there were balloons!?

Kids on a bouncy castle having fun
Not the very first thing that comes to mind when thinking car showrooms, but what a great idea!

Hey I think we’re getting somewhere… but sadly I can’t claim this as another home run in the long line of Setti’s Genius Ideas. This is what the folks at Ebbett Hamilton have come up with for the upcoming public launch of the BYD ATTO 3 electric SUV.

Family Fun Day at Ebbett Hamilton

If you’ve been putting off going for a test drive because you’d rather drive an old banger than put yourself through trying to talk about a giant financial commitment with your little darlings hanging off you, then I’ve got some great news for you.

Head over to Ebbett Hamilton behind The Base from 9am to lunchtime on Saturday, 6 August, and you just might – just might – be able to have an enjoyable car buying experience with the whole family. When you’ve got the mandatory “yes daddy, I like blue” stamp of approval on your new car from your kids, you just offload them at the bouncy castle, give ’em a sausage and concentrate on bringing your A-game to negotiate a never-before-seen deal from the dealer. I mean, you know you could negotiate an epic deal if only you didn’t have to rush because of the children.

If you want to test drive the all-new BYD ATTO electric SUV, you’ll need to book a time, but the new Ebbett site on Te Kowhai East Road is home to lots of options from SEAT and CUPRA to Isuzu and GMSV. Don’t forget you have Volkswagen on the same site, too, and I doubt they’ll set up passport control for the bouncy castle no matter what type is on your wish list.

What a great idea from the Ebbett team. Make sure you go check it out!

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