Hyundai PerformaNce – N Track Day

Hyundai N Track day NZ

It’s true that Hyundai NZ has an enviable range of high end vehicles. From compact hatch’s to large SUVs and EVs, their fleet hits the mark in terms of comfort, safety, elegance and variety. However, if you’re looking for Hyundai Performance, you’ve got to add an N. To prove the point, Hyundai NZ took us […]

Staria-Trek: Hyundai Staria 8-Seater Review

Prior to last year, the first van one would think of with a Hyundai emblem was the proven iLoad and its sister, the iMax. Now, there is a new ship in the sector in the form of the new Staria. Like its predecessors, the Staria is available as a work focused Load or people focused […]

Tucson On Point: Hyundai Tucson N-Line Review

The Hyundai Tucson has always been a consistent player in the mid-sized SUV segment. Despite stiff competition from its Japanese counterparts, the Tucson has always managed to solider on, getting just that little bit better with each generation. Now is the Tucson’s fourth round on the generation game and it is certainly striking to look […]