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5 things you can do with Lemons

24 hours of LeMon NZ

As a tarty fruit, Lemons offer a wide variety offer sharpness and texture to baking, meals and drinks. However, this lovable yellow can also help you out of a rind (sorry bind), get rid of unwanted guests and more importantly, can make you a motorsport megastar.  

24 hours of LeMon NZ

Become ageless

Use a lemon to whip up a homemade treatment for skin discolourations! Lemon juice has natural lightening properties which can help reduce the appearance of age spots and sun spots. Get the full recipe at the link below.

Shower Shiner

Glass shower doors are like magnets for hard water stains and stubborn soap scum. Use a lemon to help you scrub them clean! Dip half a lemon into a small dish of kosher salt, and get scrubbing. Then stand back and admire the shine!

24 hours of LeMon NZ

Fridge Fresh

Use a lemon to absorb lingering odours in your refrigerator. Soak a sponge or cotton ball in some fresh lemon juice, and place it in your fridge for several hours to absorb those odours.

Bug Out

Use lemon juice to repel pesky insects in your home! Squeeze some lemon juice into holes and cracks where you see ants coming in, and they’ll avoid the area in the future.

24 hours of LeMon NZ


Baking, cleaning and even sticking in your G&T may seem like worthy uses for this wonderful citrus fruit, but when you in Motorsport, we suggest you grab your Lemon Turd and go racing with it 24 hours of LeMon style.

That’s right, with a little bit of safety knowhow (roll cage and the like), you can turn your sub $1000 eyesore into endless (providing it continues to run) hours of Endurance motorsport fun. With three races a year – the next one being THIS WEEKEND – there’s no excuse not to!

Come along and see what all the fuss is about – For more information go to: https://www.24lemons.co.nz/

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