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Tough as Chuck – Next Gen Ford Ranger Wildtrak Review

Next Gen Ranger Wildtrak review NZ

With his slick moves and overall toughness, martial arts expert Chuck Norris simply wowed me (and many others) throughout the ‘80s, however, it was his role as Cordell Walker in the 90s hit series Walker Texas Ranger that really impressed me the most. His dogged determination, ability to conquer all terrains, from the city to […]

Ready to Rock Again : RTR Series II Ford Mustang GT Review

When Ford announced they would be putting the brakes on solely petrol-powered mainstream cars and offering only electric powertrains such as Hybrids, PHEVs and Mild Hybrids in 2022, naturally there was some harsh opposition from died in the wool petrol heads. However, that firestorm of fear was quickly extinguished when Ford made it clear that […]

Escape From Lockdown: Ford Escape ST Line X PHEV Review

It was a Tuesday. I had just picked up the Ford Escape ST-Line X PHEV from the team at Team Hutchinson Ford in Christchurch. The plan was to test Ford’s new Plug In Hybrid version of the Escape over a few days, however once day turned into night, it was clear this was not to […]

Prowling Puma: Ford Puma ST Line Review

Who remembers the original Ford Puma? We sadly never got in New Zealand, but I remember watching many Motoring Journalists on video thrashing this front wheel drive coupe around test tracks and engaging in driving exuberance on twisting back roads. It looked awfully fun. Now the Puma has returned, but this time around, it’s a […]

Absolute Power: Roush Mustang RS3 Review

There is an old saying, “absolute power corrupts absolutely.” While this has often been true throughout world history, the same cannot be said in the world of the Ford Mustang. Since the golden days of Ford’s pony car, countless tuners and performance boffins have been doing everything they can to give buyers the most extreme […]

Decisions decisions, Ford Puma and Escape first drives

Ford Puma and Escape Review NZ

A little over a month ago Ford New Zealand unveiled their new nameplate Puma and completely revamped Escape at the Glasshouse in Auckland and last week we got to drive them both, however, the drive left us in a bit of a quandary – which one did we prefer? The drive event was based at […]

Men in tights – Ford Transit Custom Sport review NZ

Ford Transit Custom Sport review NZ

Maybe it’s because we’re living in a more enlightened, less judgemental (hmmm) age but going into the Windsor Park superette and asking for a pair of tights was far less of a drama than I thought it would be. Admittedly, owner Jay is a friend of mine but even so, he happily went on with […]

Special FX – Ford Ranger FX4 review NZ

Ford Ranger FX4 review NZ

Aside from having a great screenplay and talented actors, in many Hollywood blockbusters the difference between a good and a great movie all comes down to its special effects. But it’s also a fine line. Overuse them and the audience is lost due to disbelief, credibility or visual garishness, underuse and again the audience is […]

Ford Fiesta ST Review NZ – Putting the ST in FieSTa

Ford Fiesta ST Review NZ

You can’t have a Fiesta without an ‘ST’ in it and Ford New Zealand’s new hot hatch proves this point beyond any doubt. Now we’re not saying that the third-generation Fiesta ST (Sports Technologies) has big boots to fill BUT… First unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in 2004, the Fiesta ST burst its way […]