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Why rent, when you can SUBSCRIBE, says SEAT NZ.

It wasn’t that long ago that rental cars were only really on the consideration list when travelling. Back then, to me, the ideal holiday included a flight, luxury accommodation and only then would the idea of a rental car come up and it had to be something a little out of the ordinary. 

Fast-forward several decades and the generation that we live in now is less inclined to own and opt more to share. This mentality includes everything from homes and getaways to movies and tunes and of course transportation. 

With smaller ‘living’ footprints that result in less parking opportunities, plus increased vehicle running repair and maintenance costs and ‘one car’ inflexibility, there is a move to only use transportation as and when required. So for many, rental cars have become part of the general mobility equation. 

Low mileage, ‘new car smell’ vehicles are the normally the domain of the big international (overpriced) rental companies and unfortunately, many of them only offer bland vehicles that are easily lost in a mall. Come on, who wants that? If the journey maketh the destination, your vehicle should be something special, and locally, Spanish car brand SEAT has the solution – with SEAT Subscribe.

SEAT Subscribe

According to them, ‘SEAT Subscribe, the Next Generation of ‘on-demand’ mobility, it’s mobility on your terms’ and they could very well be onto something.

There are times when you need something small and nippy just to move around the inner streets of the big city, why not grab an Ibiza. Need more space or looking to venture further, Arona is the key. Heading away on a family adventure, be sure and pack the Ateca, should you require 7-seat flexibility, the large Tarraco SUV has got you covered and if you want to really spice things up, why not get behind the wheel of a sporty CUPRA!

SEAT Subscribe

SEAT Subscribe is as it says, a subscription service. Simply sign up; choose how long you want your first subscriptions to be; choose your car; pay and confirm – it’s as easy as that.

SEAT Subscribe

‘You can subscribe to a SEAT or CUPRA for a weekend (72 hours), a week or a month and even renew your subscription (subject to availability) whilst you have the car. The only costs incurred are your subscription and fuel (provided you bring the car back in a similar state to when you picked it up). Insurance is covered and unlike a rental car, there are no huge $5,000 excesses.’ Prices start from $99 for 72 hours.

SEAT Subscribe

James Yates, General Manager of SEAT New Zealand says, “SEAT Subscribe offers the perfect drive for every occasion. Whether you want a 4×4 for a week on the slopes or a  family holiday, a car for a long-term business contract, or simply a car to head out of town,  we have a vehicle “Created in Barcelona” available for you”.

James is thrilled to be bringing a premium subscription service to Kiwis who want flexibility.   

“I’m looking forward to seeing how the New Zealand market will embrace something quite new to them. I think we’re tapping into the modern Kiwi who wants to craft their own experience, or simply try before they buy,” says James.

SEAT Subscribe is certainly a novel idea and something we’ll be looking to try out and report back on in the near future.

Dave McLeodhttps://www.tarmaclife.co.nz
New Zealand motoring editor/journalist and published author. Besotted with cars and the experiences they give. I'm a family guy with a bark that's bigger than my bite and prefer football over rugby any day of any week.

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