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2020 seems to be the year for car manufacturers to resurrect some of their yesteryear models. Ford have done it with the Bronco, Land Rover have done it with the Defender and now Nissan are bringing their ‘Z’ cars back.

A frontal view of the Nissan Proto Z in yellow.
The Nissan Proto Z is a retro revival

It is called the Proto Z and it is a revival of Nissan’s iconic Z brand. The Proto is an all new car with a familiar shape, one that has become a part of the brand over all these years. The Proto will be a 2 seater sportscar with a twin turbo V6 and a manual transmission!

Nissan’s CEO, Makoto Uchida stated that the car is a big part of their NEXT strategy to revive the brand and restore its glory. Uchida also stated that Nissan’s intent is to “do what others won’t dare to do”. A pretty bold statement but after all this is a brand that has given us some groundbreaking cars over the years and they are certainly no stranger to sports cars either!

A rear view of the Nissan Proto Z
The silhouette is a reminder of the great Z cars

The Proto Z was designed by Nissan’s team in Japan and it is a product of all their Z cars in the past. Their design team studied every Z model and found the bits that made each one a success. All of that has been combined into the Proto along with a futuristic touch. The roof is inspired by the 300ZX, the headlights by the 240ZG of the ’70s, you get the idea!

The Proto Z will get a sprinkling of carbon fibre to lighten the car along with 19inch wheels and dual rear exhausts all give this car a sporty look.

An interior shot of the Nissan Proto Z
Take a look at that interior, stunning!

For 50 years, Nissan have combined power and dynamic ability into their Z sub-brand and this Proto is no different.

Work is now underway to bring this modern classic to life and continue Nissan’s legacy of bringing exciting sports cars to the world through the iconic Z brand. We can’t wait!

Words by Matthew D’souza, images sourced from Nissan Global Press Office.

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