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The First Factory Right Hand Drive C8 Corvette is here!

The very first factory built right hand drive C8 Corvette to be registered in Australasia will soon be on the road! The new convertible is part of the GMSV head office fleet to undergo engineering validation in this part of the world.

Right hand drive Corvette being assembled
Lockdown has dampened the hype around the C8’s arrival downunder

Joanne Stogiannis, GMSV’s Director was excited to announce the production commencement of right hand drive (RHD) C8 Corvettes later this month. As always, these special cars will roll out of Corvette’s famed factory in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

The COVID lockdowns have meant that GMSV could not launch the car in the way they had wanted but Stogiannis assured Corvette fans that showcases for the model will be planned when lockdowns ease.

Right hand drive Corvette on the production line
The steering wheel is on the right side, pun intended.

Stogiannis went on to confirm her eagerness to engage with Corvette clubs in Australasia and expand the following of the brand here. We too can’t wait to see these RHD C8 Corvettes touch down on our shores.

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Pictures courtesy of GMSV Media New Zealand.

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