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Later this year, an automotive giant will be celebrating a huge milestone! That’s right, Nissan is turning 90 and the occasion marks an important milestone for the Japanese marque. Founded in 1933 with a daring spirit, the brand has gone on to achieve some amazing feats since then!

Nissan's 90th anniversary celebration logo
A special commemorative logo kicks off the celebrations

The official celebration date is December 26th but Nissan will begin rolling out commemorative initiatives within the next few months and it all kicks off with the dedicated logo above! A walk down memory lane, a celebration of the present and a glimpse at the future are all part of the planed anniversary events. However, all of the above will maintain a strong focus on the people that have made this all possible including the brand’s customers, employees and communities!

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Words by Matthew D’Souza, pictures courtesy of Nissan News Global.

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