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This year marks 50 years of the Volkswagen Golf and so it makes sense for VW to unveil a new Golf R! Taking place during the Ice Race in Zell am See (Austria), the new R made its first public appearance in challenging conditions.

A camouflaged Volkswagen Golf R Mk8 on the Ice Race in Austria.
Golf R was pushed to its limits on the ice by two former motorsport athletes

Though camouflaged, the Golf R is still unmistakable especially with Lapiz Blue hues featuring on the wrap. It wasn’t just the car that was special as the driver was motorsport legend Hans-Joachim Stuck who was joined by Johan Kristoffersson, six-time World Rallycross Champion. Also joining the new Mk8 Golf R was a 1975 Mk 1 Golf GTI and a 2002 Mk 4 Golf R32.

German motorsport legend Hans-Joachim Stuck standing next to a Mk 8 Volkswagen Golf R in camouflage.
German motorsport legend Hans-Joachim Stuck was a key fixture in the ice testing

Volkswagen’s “premium performance brand” R has been around for more than 20 years now and the fresh faced Mk 8 R was also joined by new versions of the Golf GTI, Golf eHybrid and Golf GTE!

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