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McLaren Celebrates 60 Years with New Lego Release

Marking its 60th anniversary this year, McLaren has joined forces with LEGO once more. The special release happens to be the first ever double pack of LEGO Speed Champions to feature two of McLaren’s most iconic supercars: the F1 LM and Solus GT.

A promotional photo of the packaging for the new LEGO Speed Champions McLaren set
New Speed Champions set is already available in store!

The Lego creations took inspiration from McLaren’s innovation and design language. Unique aspects like the F1 LM’s Papaya Orange colour, central driving position and cooling ducts have all been replicated in bricks. Solus GT on the other hand was born from the virtual world but also features a central driving position.

All up, the set boasts 581 pieces including two LEGO minifigure drivers in his and hers McLaren race suits. First joining forces in 2015, the two brands have launched two LEGO Technic McLaren models thus far.

The new Lego Speed Champions McLaren double set is already available in stores.

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Words by Matthew D’Souza, pictures courtesy of McLaren Cars Press.

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