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We know that New Zealanders are big car lovers, just take a drive down our street for proof! But does that love translate into the original toy car?

Yes, it does as it turns out. The Warehouse has confirmed that Hot Wheels’ basic toy car is the nation’s most popular toy. That comes down to its ageless appeal and value! I am in my early 20s and still an avid Hot Wheels collector, I even know people in their late 30s who do the same. Clearly, the trend is not going anywhere.

Though, Hot Wheels’ success as a toy still comes as a surprise to me because of the shift to digital. Children just don’t seem to be playing with toys anymore. But I’m probably wrong since Hot Wheels has claimed the top spot every year since 2001! Amazing.

Who else made the top 10?

2- BeyBlades, 3- Zuru Bunch o balloons, 4- LEGO minifigures, 5- The Trash Pack

6- Hot Wheels Gift Pack, 7- Monopoly Here and Now, 8- Pillow Pets

9- Nerf Vortex Mega Howler, 10- Barbie Fashionista

Thanks for reading! Will you be watching ‘Become Who You Are?

Words by Matthew D’Souza, picture courtesy of Hot Wheels Media.

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