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Is it a Car? Is it a Boat? Why not Both!

Meet Floating Motors, an Italian company with the mission to take some of the greatest cars ever and put them on the water! They will take literally any classic car and replicate into an original aquatic vehicle.

The La Dolce Floating Motors Concept
The La Dolce is their first offering

Because their commissions are entirely custom at the moment, buyers can choose between a catamaran style twin hull or a foil system. With their models suited to a variety of purposes including private use, water taxis or hotel shuttles, we can’t wait to see this idea set sail!

The concept picture above is the Fiat 500 inspired ‘La Dolce’ which is their smallest size at under 3.5m. However, sizes go up to 7.5m which includes a Dukes of Hazzard inspired Dodge Charger boat. Other current concepts include the original Mini Cooper, Porsche 550 Spyder, Volkswagen Kombi, Jaguar E-Type, Ferrari 308 GTS and a Mercedes-Benz 300SL.

Volkswagen Kombi Floating Motors concept
The Volkswagen Kombi inspired boat

The company are in the prototype phase at the moment and are looking for funding. $1,000 will make you a supporter and guarantee you a lifetime of USD $5,000 discounts on any of their products. You also get 10,000 of their Floating Tokens cryptocurrency to be launched next year. $35,000 USD will make you a partner, securing yourself a first release ‘La Dolce’ model along with the license to be a Floating Motors dealer. Lastly, $50,000 USD will see you own 1% share of the company and guarantee you a founders edition model of the ‘La Dolce’.

Watch their intro video below:

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Words by Matthew D’Souza, pictures courtesy of Floating Motors Media.

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