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First Look at Upcoming Skoda Octavia

The first sketches are out of the upcoming refreshed Skoda Octavia. Soon to be an evolution of its fourth generation, the nameplate has notched over 7 million sales since debuting in 1996.

Rear view of a sketched Skoda Octavia to be unveiled later in February.
Sedan and Kombi estate models will remain in the lineup

Major updates for the new car come in the form of redesigned bumpers, a fresh Skoda grille and new lights! Fans of the nameplate will be pleased to note that Skoda have retained both the sedan and estate versions which will also come in Sportline and RS variants. Headlights are now second gen LED Matrix units with ‘Crystallinium’ which will add a distinct blue hue to the headlight housing.

Officially Europe’s most popular estate car since 2016, Octavia is also a three time Red Dot Design Award winner.

Sketch of a Skoda Octavia RS to be unveiled later in February.
RS and Sportline variants will also remain part of the lineup

The world premiere is set for February 14th as the world’s love affair for the Octavia continues!

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Words by Matthew D’Souza, pictures courtesy of Skoda Storyboard Media.

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