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BBS is an icon of the aftermarket wheels scene with the famous RS’ featuring on every kind of car you can imagine. European cars especially. Now, you can have your favourite wheels and eat them too! I promise that’s the last of my car-related dessert puns.

Japanese firm 4Design partnered with Fujita and BBS to create a mold that allows you to replicate the wheels of a Formula 1 car in chocolate. Part of project ‘Hanagata’, the anodized mold comes in 6 pieces and needs 40g of melted chocolate to make.

4Design says that their artwork will feature in limited ‘experience sessions’ at the Factory Art Museum in Takaoka City, Toyama. The company are also exploring the likelihood of showcasing these experience sessions to members of the ‘BBS Wheels Owners Club’. The company have no plans to put their mold on sale at the moment but are considering the possibility of bespoke future projects.

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Pictures courtesy of ‘Hanagata’ by 4Design. Words by Matthew D’Souza.
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