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A New Direction for VW’s R Brand

Just last week, Volkswagen celebrated the 250,000th R model which was delivered to Switzerland. Now, there’s more news from VW’s sporty sub-brand.

Interior of the Volkswagen Golf R MK8
Expect more luxurious but sporty interiors like these.

Labelled as Volkswagen’s premium performance brand, R will gets its own showcase at VW dealerships in the future. There will be exclusive presentations in a lounge made of dark surfaces and quality details to highlight the brand’s exclusivity. The goal behind this is to improve customer awareness of the R-brand. The new initiative is already bearing fruits with orders already pouring into VW’s Lehrte dealership. The Hannover based dealer is the world’s first ‘R-seasoned’ Volkswagen dealership.

Following this, we will start to see more Volkswagen dealerships around the world include an R lounge of some sort!

Rear of the Volkswagen Golf R MK8
The Golf R has long been the flag bearer of the sub-brand.

Volkswagen’s R-brand now stretches across the Golf, Tiguan, Touareg and Arteon.

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Words by Matthew D’Souza, pictures courtesy of VW Media Global.

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