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Cars of the 70s Inspire New Casablanca x New Balance Sneakers

Say hello to the XC-72, a result of a collaboration between Parisian design house Casablanca and shoemaker New Balance. Dubbed as a “sportscar for your feet”, the XC-70’s unique design and colourway takes inspiration from cars of the 1970s. The sneakers form part of Casablanca’s “Grand Prix” collection for 2021.

Casablanca x New Balance XC72
One of the colourways available on the XC72. Picture courtesy of New Balance.

There are two colourways to choose from. Option one being a orange, green and white scheme as is the signature Casablanca colours. The second being a red, yellow and white combination.

The inspiration for the slogan “sportscar for your feet” comes from the feeling of seeing a luxury car for the first time as a child. The creative directors likened the shoes to the emotion of wonder that children get upon setting their sights on a luxury car for the first time. An almost indescribable one of knowing the object is a car but one of a very different desire.

Casablanca x New Balanca's previous collaboration
The 327 sneaker was the first collaboration between the two brands. Picture courtesy of New Balance

This isn’t the first time that the Parisian label and New Balance have come together with their 327 sneaker being an enormous success when it hit stores last year. Both shoes were designed by New Balance’s Charlotte Lee and incorporate 70s style.

The Casablanca x New Balance XC-72s are available from this weekend in New Zealand online at the New Balance store.

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Pictures courtesy of New Balance.

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