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Orders are now officially open for the Alpine A110R with deliveries expected early next year. Based on the A110 S, the R is most extreme version yet! Weight has been reduced to 1,082 kilos with the aero also modified to improve downforce.

Rear three quarters view of an Alpine A110R in blue.
Notice the prominent rear wing and extra carbon!

The bonnet, rear window & diffuser have all been reworked with some of those elements now finished in carbon fibre and specific to the A110 R. Power comes courtesy of a 1.8L turbocharged unit putting out 300 horses! A similar treatment has also been applied to the interior which provides a “racing atmosphere” to encourage sporty driving.

Interior of the Alpine A110R.
Truly a racecar for the road

Alpine Renault’s Formula 1 team had a huge influence in the development of this car making it one to challenge on any racetrack! Made exclusively in France at the Manufacture Alpine Dieppe Jean Redele, this is the ultimate expression of sportiness for Alpine.

Close-up photo of the rear of a blue Alpine A110R, highlighting the carbon fibre spoiler and rear window.
This is no regular Alpine!

For those wanting an touch of exclusivity applied to their Alpine A110 R, a special Fernando Alonso limited edition can also be ordered. Limited to 32 examples, these cars received special attention from Fernando himself during the development phase. The result is a unique driving experience!

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Words by Matthew D’Souza, pictures courtesy of Media Alpine Automobiles.

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