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Mercedes-Benz already offers owners a range of luxury goods to match their lifestyle and now they have added a few more! Two new roof boxes have been unveiled that not only add a touch of style but also double up as extra storage space.

Rear three quarters view of a silver Mercedes-Benz C-Class estate with a new roof box mounted
Aerodynamically designed, this isn’t your average roof box!

Available in either 430 or 590 litres, the roof boxes easily fit onto a Mercedes thanks to its integrated fastening system. It also fits with the brand’s design and is compatible with Mercedes’ optional roof rails. The luxury element has been upgraded with these new products seeing the addition of a chrome plated 3-D tri-star badge.

Front three quarters view of a silver Mercedes-Benz C-Class estate with a new optional roof box mounted
Easy locking and opening add to the convenience

Made in Germany, the roof boxes are also UV resistant and colour fast! It meets the legal and safety requirement but also passes Mercedes’ stricter standards. These roof boxes are only available from Mercedes-Benz but would make a cool addition to wagons especially!

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Words by Matthew D’Souza, pictures courtesy of Daimler Group Media.

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