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It’s the End of the Line for the C63 AMG

Yes, it’s unfortunate but true. Mercedes-Benz are set to ditch their iconic V8 powertrain for the next generation of the C63 AMG.

The C63 has forever been a V8 stalwart for Mercedes and the colossal engine has become iconic because of the super sedan. Fans were already unhappy when Merc announced that they would drop the legendary 6.2L V8 for a smaller 4.0L twin turbo unit. Imagine their reaction at this bit of news!

The outgoing Mercedes 4 litre twin turbo V8
This is the end for v8 powered C63 AMG

Set to arrive in 2022, the next generation of the Mercedes C63 AMG will feature a tiny 2 litre turbo engine combined with a hybrid powertrain.

The halving in engine size is down to the constantly tightening European emissions regulations.

The next generation of the C63 will most likely feature the powerful engine from the latest generation of the A45 AMG. A four pot that puts out 500Nm and 310kW of power! The addition of the hybrid powertrain is set to boost that to 375kW, a figure that could beat the current generation V8 C63 AMG.

The outgoing generation of the Mercedes C63 AMG. Pictured in blue
The outgoing generation of the C63 AMG

The new set-up will mean that the C63 will shed some weight and will also benefit from having a lower centre of gravity with those batteries being installed along the floor. It seems likely that the next generation will feature a four wheel drive system over the traditional rear wheel drive system that the C63 has been known for. Having a four wheel drive system will make it a direct competitor to the new BMW M3.

I’m afraid the news doesn’t get any better because Mercedes is also set to drop the twin turbo V6 found in the C43 AMG. The replacement is set to be the same four litre turbo engine coupled with a mild hybrid system.

This move reinforeces Merc’s shift towards electric power with the EQS sedan, EQA SUV and EQB SUV all set to arrive soon.

Thanks for reading! Words by Matthew Dsouza. Images sourced from Daimler Press Worldwide.

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