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For Sale – Barely used Mazda brake pedals.

Okay so that’s a bit of an exaggeration but the new era of Mazda vehicles with the combination of G-Vectoring Control (GVC) which enhances handling and response, i-ACTIVSENSE Advanced Smart City Brake Support,  Mazda’s urban Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) and their very intuitive adaptive cruise control; really helps keep Mazda brake pedals in pristine condition.

G-Vectoring Control – The GVC system provides the driver with greater confidence by delivering improved handling and stability across a range of driving conditions – from low-speed everyday driving and high speed straight line driving, to winding roads and emergency avoidance manoeuvres. 

Smart City Brake Support (SCBS) helps the driver avoid frontal collisions while driving at the slow speeds common in urban areas or congested traffic. When driving at low speeds (approximately 4 – 30 km/h) a laser sensor mounted on the windshield senses the car in front. If the system detects a risk of collision, it prepares the brake system to be ready to deliver maximum stopping power when the driver brakes. If the driver does not take evasive action such as braking or steering, the system simultaneously applies the brakes and reduces engine output, with the aim of avoiding the collision or reducing the severity of impact.

Electronic Brake Force Distribution (EBD) makes it easier to maintain vehicle control and shortens the stopping distance when there is a large load on the rear wheels, such as when the car is carrying a full load of passengers. EBD optimally distributes the braking power between the front and rear wheels depending on the load in order to increase the effectiveness of the rear-wheel braking and minimize the difference in stopping distance between when the car is fully loaded and when it is not.

These (and more) driver and braking aids are available across the Mazda’s range of passenger vehicles, from the Madza2 to the CX-9 (spec dependant) and well worth experiencing.

Please note – we still recommend use of the brake pedal where necessary!

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