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Maserati Introduces 10 Year Warranty Program

Maserati have today announced an all new warranty program called ‘Extra 10’. This offers an option for owners to extend the warranty on the engine, gearbox and transmission of the vehicles up to 10 years. This new program comes in addition to the existing one which allows buyers the opportunity to upgrade their warranty to 5 years.

A yellow Maserati Grecale SUV at night
Maserati’s new Grecale is one of the eligible models

This was a move made by Maserati to not only offer peace of mind to their customers but also help strengthen the value of their cars come resale time. The scheme is available to any of the brand’s cars which are less than 9 years and six months old. And get this, there is no mileage limit to apply for this program! Maserati owners have to simply visit their dealer to purchase this add-on which also includes courtesy cars for times when their car is being worked on as well as pick-up services and more!

A dark blue Maserati Ghibli sedan in an urban environment
Extra 10 offers customers a host of perks as well!

The ‘Extra 10’ program is a product of Maserati’s Personal Service Lab which is a special arm of the brand dedicated to creating offers and services for their customers. Australasian Maserati owners will have to hold on as the scheme is only offered in USA, Canada and Latin America for the moment.

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Words by Matthew D’Souza, pictures courtesy of Maserati Newsroom.

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