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Mercedes-Benz and Moncler will debut their new collaboration at London Fashion Week later this month. The partnership marks the start of something new for both brands which share a history of “innovation, concise design language and a first-mover approach to cross-cultural co-creation”.

Mercedes-Benz and Moncler logos mashed together for the two brands' collaboration
This marks a big step forward for both brands in broadening their appeals

For Mercedes, the partnership extends on their goal to explore fashion and culture with an aim to challenge the norm. A move that should help Mercedes-Benz interact with a new type of clientele. This is also the first instance of Moncler collaborating with an automotive brand, reflecting the luxury fashion brand’s own evolution.

Promo photo from the partnership between Mercedes-Benz and Moncler.
Note the Mercedes tri-star with the famous Moncler style

A unique art piece created by Gordon Wagener, Chief Design Officer at Mercedes-Benz Group will be unveiled by Mercedes at Moncler’s “Art of Genius” show on Monday, the 20th of February at 8PM GMT. Moncler’s Genius events have always been a showcase for collaborations but this one should take things to another level! The reveal will be broadcasted live on Moncler’s website with images to follow soon.

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Words by Matthew D’Souza, pictures courtesy of Mercedes-Benz Group Media.

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