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The third generation Range Rover Sport will break cover on the 10th of May, 2022. A global reveal will be streamed on the brand’s YouTube channel where the car will take on a unique challenge. As is custom for the brand’s launches. Newly released teaser images appear to show a signature red and black launch coloured car driving through black sand.

Perhaps the challenge will be set on a beach, in a desert or maybe on the moon?! Your guess is as good as mine.

Teaser image of the new Range Rover Sport in sand
My guess is this could be set on a black sand beach, desert or the moon possibly

Previously, the Sport has completed a record breaking climb at Pikes Peak, a first filmed crossing of the ‘Empty Quarter’ Arabian desert and my personal favourite, a breathtaking ascent of the 999 steps to Heaven’s Gate in China. Proof that the luxury SUV is still an extremely capable machine.

The modern interior is crafted from the finest materials with a cockpit like driving position that will be of particular interest to keen drivers. While the Sport has been redesigned, it still has an unmistakable road presence as well as both on and off-road capability.

Teaser image of the interior of the new Range Rover Sport
A single central infotainment screen appears to replace the previous dual screen set-up

Thanks for reading! For more Range Rover news, check out Tarmac Life.

Pictures courtesy of Land Rover Media.

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